chicago auto show

sarah’s dad got us tickets to the chicago auto show this weekend.

how cool is that???

i’m really hopin’ for some news on a jeep truck and some sweet concept vehicles (even though they’re supposedly only showcasing current production and the concept jeep renegade).  and it looks like they’re focusing on the past a lot from the website.

i’m pretty excited about the aftermarket area, too.  hopefully it’s not full of rice-burning import parts and 2007 and newer jeeps.

but just look how big the jeep section is!  this is gonna be sweet!

also enticing…  the new chevy corvette ZR1, toyota fj cruiser, gmc top kick, hummer hx, hummer h3t, and the super-bowl endorsed audi r8.

provided they allow cameras and we don’t forget ours (with fresh batteries), you can see what we’ll be viewing right here next week sometime.

stay tuned…

anybody else going???


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  1. Dan Said:

    How was the zr1?

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