a funny thing happened to me while breaking tools…

it feels like spring!

so that means i get to do some wrenching again on the jeep.

right now, i’m working on getting the cb mounted and wired.

while i was drilling into the body tub (scary), i broke a drill bit.

i uttered a tommy boy-esque, “sonofa!” and went to lowe’s to buy a decent set of drill bits (my current set came from a home shopping network, i think).  and of course, i had to go through the self-checkout b/c of my fear of humans.  in doing so, apparently drill bits set off some sort of alarm that sends a shy high school girl over to your checkout lane to enter in some numbers and touch the screen so i can make a purchase.

she did her thing and i was on my way in less than 15 minutes (if i spend more time than that there, i spend too much money).   but on my way out, the girl stops me and asks,

can i deactivate your bits?

whaaaa?  lady, i don’t know if you noticed, but this is a wedding band…  no one comes near my bits but sarah j. chapman!

she seemed really sweet and very introverted, so i didn’t blurt that out.  i politely handed her my DRILL bits and let her swipe them over the magic pad of thievery detection and was on my way.

i laughed the whole way home.


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