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anybody else on here?

i am.

i’m right here.



have you ever seen two jeeps pass on the road and they wave at each other?

well, it happens.  start paying attention on the road, would ya?

jeep dudes and dudettes like each other.  we’re usually friendly, relaxed people who enjoy the outdoors and have a lot in common.

my friend at work was a jeephead, too.  he drives a grand am now because his wrangler got totalled when someone pulled out in front of him.

the good news in all of this?

free stuff!!!


he couldn’t use his sony xplod speakers anymore, so he snagged them out of the jeep before it went to the junkyard and they’re all mine now.  i installed them last night.  they even match the head unit in the jeep.

i swear i’ve gotten a lot of cool stuff in my time, but THIS



but sorry about your wrangler, dude…  that sucks.


since my wedding is 36 hours away from the time of this post, i figure it’s safe to give one sneak peak…


i’d probably post the vid of the picture slideshow i made, but i don’t feel like waiting around to swing that over into a quicktime vid right now.

it’s late, and i’m going to bed.

i’ve got a jeep wedding to be the groom of in 36 hours after all.

i found something the jeep can’t do

and the truck can.

i don’t have a picture of it, but i’m sure i’ll get one before the project is over.

so far, we’ve hauled 9 truckloads of gravel out of our back yard.  i found a calculator online.  it’s at least 20 tons of gravel.  possibly even 30.

here’s a basic shot of the magnitude of what we’re up against with this project…


20′ by 25′ and at least 8″ deep.  in the middle it’s more like 12″ deep.

this has been what’s taking up my time.

so, without further ado, i would like to announce JAMIN WILLIAMS (no link b/c he doesn’t have a blog and i don’t have a myspace) as the winner of the first LUNAR WAYNESHAFT game.

good job, jamin.  that was, indeed, a photo of a drain plug in the jeep.  it allows me to drain the water out when i’ve been in a body of water above the door seals (or, for when i leave the top down in the rain, but that would never happen, right???).

you win the use of my truck for a day (good for one trip to lowe’s).  thanks for playing.

sorry sarah, you had an unfair advantage but i’ll give you the candybar i didn’t give jamin.  and you can still use the truck.

free dog problems

no, i’m not giving mac or millie away.

and you don’t need a hound to get dog problems.

you just have to click here.   the format is letting anyone willing to sign up for their newsletter download their album ‘dog problems’ for free until july 16!


in case you’re wondering, yeah…  they’re good.  good enough to blog about on a jeep blogsite.

so what does the format have to do with jeeps?  probably not much.  i don’t know any of the bandmembers so i don’t know if they’re into the coolest thing on four wheels, but i do know i love to listen to their music in my jeep.  and i do know ‘dog problems’ was the fist CD i listened to when i got my jeep.

so give ’em a try.  they’re worth at least that.

falling apart

recently the exhaust fell off from the catalytic converter on back (basically, i lost the muffler and tailpipe).

then on saturday the battery died (but only AFTER i had loaded it up with fishing equipment and the canoe on top).

it needs a brake job.

the tires are slightly larger than stock so at highway speeds i have to downshift to go uphill, drive against the wind or gain any sort of speed (even the smallest amount of speed gaining is a day-long process w/o a major downshift).

why am i a jeep guy?

because i’m convinced it’s worth it.

thanks to dave ramsey, these repairs didn’t break us. our auto emergency fund enabled us to buy a high quality battery and stainless steel exhaust.

in fact, i’m listening to dave ramsey’s podcast right now and he’s explaining how rich people get rich.

apparently a study has shown, rich people spend money on expensive, quality stuff that will LAST and they KEEP for long periods of time.

poor people buy things that are cheap and provide immediate but fleeting pleasure.

here’s what we spent:

1. optima battery – $212.18

2. banks monster exhaust – $338.86

these two purchases (the exhaust is technically multiple parts of a system and not just one part) total $551.04.

these two purchases could have cost $50 for a replacement battery and maybe as low as $30 for a temporary fix on the old exhaust. this totals $80 dollars that i would have to spend over countless times in the lift of the jeep.

the upgraded battery and exhaust will most likely never have to be replaced (bar a major collision or act of God).

dave ramsey explains that this is how rich people got rich.

this relieves my stress levels by about a hundred. i had been feeling guilty for buying top notch stuff. yeah, i know it pays to spend $100 once than $1 a thousand times. but that didn’t make me feel any better about using all of our auto emergency fund on these things.

but, as is normal after listening to mr. ramsey, it’s so obvious.

plus… i got some sweet jeep parts. and thanks to sarah’s hand to hand combat tactics at best buy, i now have a replacement camera with image stabilization to take pictures of some some jeep jobs.

this blog just got a bit more image-active and a whole lot cooler.

i hope.

stay tuned to find out.

these are a few of my favorite things

know what i did for man day this year?

let’s re-cap

a) conned some cool dudes into helping me with my jeep.

2) drank miller lite

know what this site is?

it’s a site where you can design and win your own jeep wrangler, courtesy of miller lite.

go design yours as long as your 21 or older. (sorry brother. just one more month!)

i chose the camping and outdoor motif, but you can choose beach bum, sport-o, or block party, too.