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jeeps AND advertising?

cool!  vintage stuff from jeep.

as always, thank you mike’s totally free jeep news


life, liberty, and the pursuit of great advertising

admit it or not, there’s a rivalry amongst jeep guys and girls.  and the jeep liberty is to blame.

personally, if you’re going to have a rugged brand, your products should live up to your reputation.  but that’s just opinion.

while the liberty may not be quite the dirt animal the wrangler (or the cherokee it replaced) is, their ads are pretty entertaining.

the new sky slider thing is pretty cool.  it’s basically a convertable top and a moon roof rolled into one.

and, on a personal note (because this is my personal blog), this ad was hilarious because of a) the squirrel (sarah HATES squirrels) and 2) that wolf eating a bird.  our husky (mac) caught a bird out of the air last week and did the same thing.

…except for singing afterwards.  he hasn’t learned that trick yet.

so the final word on the libby?  it sells well, so it’s not going anywhere for a while and i guess that’s ok as long as they keep cool features, hopefully bring back a diesel for it, and keep making cool ads.