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ok, here are my faves:

the new camaro

the new challenger

the toyota fj cruiser concept

the hummer hx concept

the gmc ute (gmc denali xt concept)

and my personal favorite…

the hummer h3t

also worthy of recognition:

the audi r8

which is sometimes akaed as my twin

i told sarah if i look like a car, i have to buy it.

ahh, if i ever get the $109,000 to buy the audi r8, i’ll have so many other things i need to buy other than an audi r8…


jeep vs. hummer vs. land rover

these guys don’t know anything about off-roading, but i like their accents.

link to vid

the jeep doesn’t win it by their standards, but it was also the first one they tried (“tried” is used loosely here) and like i said, they don’t know anything about off-roading.  plus they seem biased right from the start.

their one anti-flaw is that they seem to dislike the hummer almost as much as they love the land rover before testing even begins.

link from mike’s totally free jeep news


in case you weren’t aware, there’s a sort of rivalry between hummer owners and jeep owners.

if you’re a jeep guy, it’s pretty taboo to like hummers. i don’t know if hummer owners feel the same way. i don’t know any. but if i wanted to stereotype hummer owners, i’d probably guess that they don’t even notice jeep drivers, or any other drivers for that matter. they’re too busy talking on their cell phones to see what’s going on around them in traffic.

but enough with the prejudice, hummer owners are still people.

but this cartoon pretty much sums up most jeepers’ feelings towards hummerers.