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go to!!!

our wrangler is on it for the time being.

you can also vote for it. the winner at the end of the competition wins “stuff.” the haven’t specified yet what this “stuff” is, but i bet it’s cool.

now hurry! go look at my 15 minutes of fame!



family guy quote

i can’t explain how “freakin’ schweet” this truly is.





and they even chose the right color and played in the mud.

heaven, that’s what my own personal jesus would do for me in heaven.

my reasons for wanting jeep to produce a truck and why sarah and i need a truck pt. 2

yesterday was why i feel the need for a truck.

now here’s why i think jeep needs a truck.

1. because i need a truck. that’s right, i want a giant company to produce a truck for me. that may sound selfish, but someone has to buy products big companies make. otherwise they wouldn’t be big companies. but i’m a dedicated jeep enthusiast. i like most of the products jeep has made in their 60 + years and i’d love to have nothing but jeep vehicles in my driveway.

2. because so many other people want a truck. i’m not the only one. everyone from JP magazine to bloggers have written (ok, BEGGED) for jeep to make a truck. so why aren’t they listening? (or are they listening but just verrrrrry quietly?)

3. you can put a diesel in it. right now, the grand cherokee is the only jeep vehicle to have a diesel. the liberty did, but some standards changed and it was producing too much harmful emissions in a small vehicle. so the diesel went into the grand. but a truck… there are already diesels in trucks, so figure that one out, jeep. i’d spend the extra cash upfront for a diesel. the added torque and mileage combined with all the other cool stuff that comes with a diesel would totally make it worthwhile.

4. jeep used to make trucks. most recently, the jeep comanche was a truck that was basically a cherokee converted into a truck. i’d still own one and they’re old. jeep also used to make the scrambler which is going for crazy amounts on e-bay these days. there’s obviously a market for jeep trucks.

5. the brute jeep. you can pay a company to convert your own wrangler to a jeep truck. and they’re awesome. it’s a total performance upgrade, not just slapping a truck bed on a jeep.

6. the skunkworks jt. jeep really built one. skunkwerks is the chrysler development team for top secret jeep projects. good, it’s already built. and it’s built off of the four-door wrangler that just started in ’07. so no retooling at the factory is necessary. just moretooling. now build it already!

so, like everyone else in the jeep world, i’ll beg.

please, jeep. please. please build it. and then answer all my prayers by putting a diesel in it that can run on biodiesel. i’ll gladly eat mac n’ cheese with little hot dogs cut up in it for the better part of a decade if it means you make a jeep truck and i suddenly have to come up with the cash for it.

thanks for listening (maybe).