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anybody else on here?

i am.

i’m right here.



go to!!!

our wrangler is on it for the time being.

you can also vote for it. the winner at the end of the competition wins “stuff.” the haven’t specified yet what this “stuff” is, but i bet it’s cool.

now hurry! go look at my 15 minutes of fame!


another wrangler review


truck trend had more bad to say about the new wrangler than good.

i think those guys have gone soft test driving all these cadillac-like monster trucks.

it’s a jeep…  of course it’s going to be a little rough around the edges.

but it works.  that’s what makes it so appealing.

a record of actual events

remember this post where i laid out plans for a road trip for christmas with the in-laws in naperville?

well, christmas went off without a hitch.  in fact, i have a new best friend.  sarah’s cousin’s daughter, 3-year-old carly, told her parents that “eric is her new best friend.”

we have a handshake.

and it even snowed while we were there.

and snowed and snowed and snowed.

but who cares?  cuz we have a jeep.

the jeep did fine in the snow.  it didn’t start to get bad until we had to swing by dwight, il (sarah and i have both had bad luck there on separate occasions; the details i will not disclose here.  but if you know what our “quota” is, i can say we each fulfilled a quota in dwight, il almost a year apart.)

long story short…  we had my sister-in-law’s/brother-in-law’s keys.  once they arrived home in bradley, il they could not enter.  the keys were with eric and sarah traveling south on I55 now.

that’s where dwight comes in.  we swing by there headed east for kankakee to meet at dwight and hand off the keys since that would be on our way home and it would take kevin and emily about the same amount of time to get to dwight as it would have taken us (parties are traveling from opposite directions).

actually…  it WOULD have been the best spot to meet up.  but we found out by the time we got to dwight, kevin and emily had just left the kankakee area.  so we kept driving.

this is where the jeep got awesome.

i was stuck behind a string of cars doing 30 MPH down IL-route 17 when we were passed by a tig ‘ol bruck (read “big ‘ol truck”) with loud exhaust and sweet tires.  so i decided to try it.  sarah read the owner’s manual to me so i was sure i wasn’t engaging 4-wheel-drive at the wrong speed, popped my favorite new lever up one notch to read “4HI” and away we went.

snow-packed country roads have nothing on our pro comp mud terrains.

we ended up meeting kevin and emily at a random little church (the kind with their own cemetery next door) on the road and gave them their keys.

a two hour drive back home to peoria ended up taking more like two and a half or three because of the multiple inches of snow dumped on us, but we made it.  i even go to pass people on the interstate.  every once in a while we’d come along a string of cars doing 30 MPH, i’d pop the lever into 4HI again and get in the yet-to-be-plowed left lane and pass ’em all.

moral of the story:  always keep your keys as close to you as a tattoo, and drive a jeep.

come on already!!!

truck trend magazine says it best.

link here

they whole-heartedly think  jeep should make a truck.  their designer even admits to trying to gauge interest in the conception vehicle when they show it at jeep events.  this is a good sign.

it’s also a good sign when the editor of one of the world’s largest truck publications calls your concept a “no-brainer.”

bring on the JT!

jeep vs. hummer vs. land rover

these guys don’t know anything about off-roading, but i like their accents.

link to vid

the jeep doesn’t win it by their standards, but it was also the first one they tried (“tried” is used loosely here) and like i said, they don’t know anything about off-roading.  plus they seem biased right from the start.

their one anti-flaw is that they seem to dislike the hummer almost as much as they love the land rover before testing even begins.

link from mike’s totally free jeep news

spare me the details

ahhhh…  i just finished my final paper for astronomy which marks my final bit of school work for the year.

the song that’s playing in itunes is “spare me the details” by the offspring.  this band offers pretty much nothing in the way of life-improving lyrics, and their music is pretty basic.  but it’s entertaining and catchy.  i like this song.

but i probably shouldn’t.

who cares?

with school out of the way, here’s what i’m looking forward to with the jeep:

1.  changing the oil – can’t believe i didn’t do this after splashing around in the muddy water of the badlands!!!  i’m a neglectful jeep owner!  (sarah, are the dogs alive?  i’m surprised i haven’t killed one of them off yet!)

2.  road trip to bradley and then naperville and then bolingbrook and finally back to peoria – this is sarah’s dad’s side christmas get together.  tomorrow after work (and a quick oil change), we’ll drive to her sister’s apartment in bradley, il (it’s close to burbonais where the bears practice and where emily is finishing her final semester at olivet this month!).  we’re staying there friday night because saturday, we have to be in naperville at sarah’s uncle’s house for brunch.  brunch is way to early to be able to drive from peoria and catch on time, so we’re bumming at the jordan’s pad for a night.  the bolingbrook stop is to hit up ikea again just for kicks.  this will be the jeep’s first chicagoland trip since we’ve owned it.

3.  road trip to streator – the weekend after the in-law christmas, we’re going to my dad’s side’s christmas party in streator.  my grandparents used to be the caretakers of the streator baptist camp so we’re staying overnight at the camp.  my brother colton will have his forerunner there so hopefully we can sneak away and play in the creek or woods or mud or something fun that would require the 4WD lever to be pulled!

4.  christmas gifts – i’m a gift guy.  sarah’s had to rehide gifts twice now because if keep finding out where she puts them.  it’s not selfish, i love gifts.  sarah says it’s my love language.  i’m expecting some jeep stuff.  w00t!

5.  one year anniversary – new year’s eve eve will be one year exactly since we bought our wrangler.

here’s what the poor thing looked like before a chapman got his hands on it:


and today:


much less chrome.  much more black and blue.

and now, off to bed with the wifey.  ahhh…  no more late nights on the computer doing homework.  i don’t know if i remember what it’s like to go to bed at the same time.


my reasons for wanting jeep to produce a truck and why sarah and i need a truck pt. 1

this year’s award for longest title to a blog post runner up, right here.

i’ve said before that sarah has taught me to use lists. so i’ll list some reasons first why sarah and i need a truck:

1. we bought a house – i can’t tell you how many times we’ve been to lowe’s, but i do know the most times i’ve been there in a day is 3. and each time that day required a truck, and many more times have required a truck also.

2. christmas – i saw sarah’s parents shove a freshly cut spruce into a 2008 toyota matrix. what’s better than that new car smell? splintery spruce sap, i guess.

3. IKEA – it’s only a couple hours away, and everything comes unassembled, but it’s ridiculously expensive to have shipped to your door. and the chapmans needed a bed (thanks to the coleman company for keeping us bedded for the past few months since our wedding.) but this past weekend was crazy…

let me just insert a small story about the weekend into reason #3; friday, day off work. driving to indianapolis to see rob bell on his the gods aren’t angry tour with sarah and a friend. meeting another friend there.

suddenly we decide to see if we can give becky (the other friend we met there) a ride home to chicago so we can selfishly go to IKEA and finally get a bed. (ours deflated the other night. sarah blames the dogs, i blame a faulty seal. coincidentally, sarah was the last one to seal the bed’s air valve. but i was the one to jump on the bed, so we’ll just take co-blame on this one.) this is getting off track… since we needed to take the truck to bring the bed back from IKEA, we had to make the one friend drive by himself to indy because there wouldn’t be any room to give him and becky a ride home in a little truck. an extended cab truck would have solved this problem but probably not an SUV.

4. camping – sarah and i went camping this september and if we hadn’t taken the back seat out of the jeep, i don’t think our equipment would have all fit in the wrangler.

5. dogs – we have a husky. they aren’t named that because they’re small. our dog’s cage will not fit in any of our other vehicles, including my brother’s VW hatchback.

6. tradition – i’ve just always had a truck. since high school i was the guy with a truck. i’ve had to help a lot of people move in that short amount of time (at least 2 per year since i was 16), but where else will i find my sense of usefulness?
ok, those were my reasons for wanting a truck. part 2 will be why jeep needs to make a truck.

the great chrome swapout

finally… we’re rid of the gaudy plastic pieces with chrome plating.

it made the jeep feel like eating old fries. you know, when your mouth gets that coated feeling? gross.

here’s some before and after…



wordpress is being a turd right now and won’t let me upload my other picture for after so maybe i’ll come back and upload that again later.  it doesn’t show the image after it’s been uploaded.  just a blue box.  and when i try to send the blue box to the editor, things get REALLY funky.

this happened last night so i just waited until today and everything is hunky dory.  is wordpress’ server where these images are hosted just really slow lately or what?

note:  by the time i got done complaining about wordpress, it updated the image.


but my cursor is gone.

hard shell or soft?

no, not your taco preference…

it’s getting cold in central il, so it was time to swap tops.

here are some photos:


those are the after shots, but here are the last two shots of the jeep before the soft top got dropped for the last time this year…


it was a bittersweet day.  i knew the soft top had to go.  it’s just been too windy lately.  it always felt like driving a billboard on the highway.  at least now i’m a little more aerodynamic and the fuel efficiency should jump up some.

plus, millie kinda liked it…


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